Free luggage labels and an easy-to-use recovery system to reunite you with your luggage fast!
Bags Reunited is a great way for you to protect the bags and personal items you take with you when you travel. Your luggage is not the only item that can go missing, just think if you lost your business laptop, briefcase, custom bicycle, hand luggage, or even your hand bag or wallet!
This service includes:
  • free registration with no annual fees
  • global coverage for all your belongings, including backpacks, golf clubs, skis ... anything you take with you when you travel
  • immediately print an unlimited number of coded tags with no shipping or handling charges
  • coded tags which do not display your address or broadcast the fact that you are not at home
  • your personal contact details, which can be updated at any time, are kept secure from those who find your bags
  • the system immediately informs you if someone reports your item is found
An optional upgrade for a minimal annual charge also includes:
  • SMS text alerts to your mobile phone when items are found
  • keep all your travel itinerary details and information securely in one place (as recommended by the UK government)
Did you know?
  • lost luggage is a huge problem – over 200,000 bags go missing every year
  • identification tags are often torn off their bags
  • the airport doesn't have your itinerary – only you do
  • putting your address on your luggage tag leaves your home vulnerable to potential thieves
How does Bags Reunited work?
  1. register for free – it's quick, takes only minutes to complete
  2. choose the optional upgrade if you want to receive text messages or store your itinerary details with us (no need to carry them with you)
  3. create a secure personal contact list so the system can let you know when your items are found
  4. print an unlimited number of personalised luggage tags – you want to tag everything from luggage to laptops, briefcases to bicycles
  5. attach the tags to your bags and personal items – the service works the same no matter what you want to protect – find out more ยป
When your luggage is found ...
  1. the finder – even airport officials – follow the quick and easy instructions on the tag
  2. he or she logs in to this website and types in your unique item code and their contact information – it's quick and efficient
  3. you instantly receive an e-mail and SMS text message with the contact details
  4. you contact the finder and arrange to be reunited with your bags!